Raytech is a company that deals direct with manufacturers and manufacturing warehouses, who in turn, ship directly to you.  We keep our pricing low because of slim margins made possible by working as close to peer to peer transactions as possible, reducing extra costs to you.  By not having warehouses ourselves, but working with factory outlets throughout the country, and by utilizing their shipping volume for best pricing, which we pass on to you, is another reason you will find our prices will be nearly impossible to beat.

We have sold for many years, Patio Heater, BBQ’s, Streetlights, Umbrellas, Long Term Storage Food, Benches, Fireplace Equipment, Health Products, Mailboxes and Statuary.

We have been in the industry for over 50 years with a track record second to none.  We were one of the early pioneers on the internet beginning in 1993 and have been a successful enterprise due to our pricing, customer service and follow up.  We pride ourselves on service, which is greatly appreciated in today’s marketplace.

Raytech is based in Orange County, CA and ships nationwide.  We enjoy custom work locally and have done work for many well known names commercially and residentially.  We also do much custom work throughout the country and because of our extensive experience, we know the right questions to ask in order to make sure and guarantee the finished product is correct.

We look forward to serving you and will gladly answer all questions and inquiries.