Airculator Heater Grate

Airculator Heater Grate

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Airculator Heater Grate

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Unobstructed View of the Fire:



For Glass And Mesh Screens:

  • Dual Air Jets Help Feed The Fire Creating A Forge Effect And Providing A Faster Starting, Hotter Burning Fire
  • Produces Up To 20,000 BTUs Per Hour From A Normal Size Fire
  • 88 CFM Fan Takes Cool Room Air And Circulates It Through The Heating Chamber Under The Fire - Air Is Heated To 300-425º And Then Is Blown Quietly Into The Room
  • Low Profile Fan Box Can Be Placed Left Or Right Of The Firebox
  • Three Speed Control, Low Voltage Fan Box Uses Less Electricity
  • Uninterrupted View Of Fire: Bottom Mount Design With 2 1/2” Low Profile Manifold Height Box
  • Simple To Use With Fire Screens Or Glass Enclosures: Allow 2 1/2” For Manifold Height
  • Warranty: 5 Years Main Heat Chamber Warranty, 1 Year Warranty On Other Parts

NOTE: For Glass Enclosures - Center Manifold In Fireplace Opening Allowing 2 1/2” Overlap Of Screen Side
Fan Box Measures: 3.9” Tall x 3.9” Wide x 6.5” Long
NOTE: Manifold Reduces Opening Height By 2 1/2”

28" to 34"w x 19 1/4 deep:fireplace openings: Fits Glass Enclosures up to 39"w As priced
34" to 39"w
x 19 1/4 deep fireplace openings: Fits Glass Enclosures up to 45"w Add $40.00
39" to 44"w
x 19 1/4 deep fireplace openings: Fits Glass Enclosures up to 51"w  Add $80.00
Send us email to verify before ordering
If current glass doors are installed, make sure by loosing brackets, it can be raised 2 1/2" to fit on top of front bar as shown in picture.
If mesh curtain is installed currently, mesh can be cut like chain link fencing by cutting and pinching off each cut as it is pinched off now




Size Difference
Standard Size as shown

Larger size: Fireplace opening 39 to 44" w x 19 1/4" deep: glass doors up to 51"w [Add $80.00]

Medium size: fireplace opeing 34 to 39"w x 19 1/4" deep: glass doors up to 45"w [Add $40.00]

Base Price: $549.00
Customized Price: $549.00

  • Standard Size as shown