Ambiance Borosilicate Portable heater 42,000 BTU

Ambiance Borosilicate Portable heater 42,000 BTU

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Ambiance Borosilicate Portable heater 42,000 BTU

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Upgrade the ambiance of any outdoor setting with our new line of decorative LP portable gas torches.Ambiance™ Outdoor Fire Features bring you a high quality, easy-to-use and completely portable gas torch that will extend any outdoor setting. Our contemporary design also incorprates the latest in safety features and high quality durable components that will allow you to control the visual aspects of the dynamic flame produced by your Ambiance™ Fire Feature

When family, friends and guest gather, Ambiance™ Outdoor Fire Features will be there to provide all the benefits of an adjustable, safe, and clean burning outdoor decorative gas product. The high quality components incorporated in your Ambiance™ unit are designed to bring you many years of outdoor entertaining enjoyment. 

Model #PC14SS features

  • "Ambi-Fire" 4" diameter borosilicate glass tube
  • "Ambi-Glo" commercial grade stainless steel emitter grid
  • 42,000 BTU's
  • One piece aluminum reflector included
  • "Pyromid" ceramic burner system
  • "Sure-Start" continuous ignition system
  • 100% safety pilot system
  • Safety "Tip Over" switch for added protection
  • 304 Commercial Grade Stainless Steel
  • Chrome flame side reflectors
  • Wheel kit included
  • Easy installation
  • Liquid Propane use only
  • 1 year limited residential warranty
  • 120 day limited commercial warranty

Stainless Steel Patio Heater w/ wheel kit included
PC14 Stainless Steel (as shown)

PC14 Antique Bronze w/ wheel kit [Subtract $50.00]

Base Price: $569.00
Customized Price: $569.00

  • PC14 Stainless Steel (as shown)