First aid, Survival, and Disaster Preparedness equipment.
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First aid, Survival, and Disaster Preparedness equipment.

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We provide a complete line of first aid, survival, and disaster preparedness equipment. We carry products designed to help you through emergency situations from flat tires to power outages to general first aid. Use the navagational links at left or type a search above. If you can't find what your looking for or if you have any questions about the products we offer, contact us here.

Product Categories
Emergency Kits, Emergency Supplies

Bull Horns, Radios, Whistles & Compasses, Miscellaneous

Emergency Kits
1 to 20 Person kits include prepackaged food and water and other survival necessities.

Evacuation & Fire
Escape Hoods, Fire Extinguishers, Caution Tape

First Aid Kits
Small kits to 1000 person kits. Travel kits & Burn Units.

First Aid Supplies
Antiseptic Supplies, Bandages & Tape, Bloodborne Pathogens, Burn Supplies, Eye Care, Gauze Pads & Rolls, Instruments, Pain Relievers, Outdoors, Splints, Triage Supplies, Wrap Bandages, Miscellaneous

MRE Pouched Food, 1200, 2400, 3600 calorie 5-year food bars and survival candy.

Lighting & Heating
Batteries, Candles & Matches, Heat & Stoves, Lights

Survival video

Sanitary Supplies
Personal Hygiene, Portable Toilets

Search & Rescue
1 to 4 Person professional rescue kits.

Shelter & Sleeping
Emergency Blankets, Rain Gear, Safety Vests, Tents, Tarps, & Cots

Storage Items
Backpacks, fanny packs, sports bags, cooler bags, etc... Custom silk screening available.

Survival Kits
Another complete line of emergency survival kits

General Tools, Knives & Utility, Protective Gear, Rope & Tape, Shovels

Water & Accessories
Containers, Prepackaged Water,

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