Sunglow A244: Ceiling Mount

Sunglow A244: Ceiling Mount

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Sunglow A244: Ceiling Mount

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  • 50,000BTU/hr rating.
  • 100% safety control
  • Non-adjustable mount included
  • Manual Piezo ignition or Optional 24 Volt Non "E-Head" or "E-Head" Controls
  • * "E-Head" Control allows for the unit to re-light automatically, when blown out in the wind
  • 24 Volt control allows for connection to thermostat or ON/OFF switch for easy fingertip operation
  • 24 Volt control includes 24 volt transformer
  • Corrosion resistant construction, black framing and aluminum/stainless components.
  • CSA design certified.
  • Made in the USA
  • Owner's Manual

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Base Price: $1,193.00
Customized Price: $1,193.00

  • A244 Manual Hanging Heater