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6" Roof Kit Parts: Ceiling, out the Roof

Normally, a 6" roof kit would be for a woodstove

Typical cost for 6" roof kit (example Only) for a one story installation:

Ceiling Support, Flashing and Storm Collar,  (1) 36" section, and Termination cap:                   

Total cost for Roof Kit:               $ 342.00      

NOTE:  Most fireplaces include pipe up to normal ceiling:  Please call if you need pipe from stove up to ceiling. 1-(800) 838-5898



Product Manufacturer Price: More Info
12" Section - 6TGG12 Generic Price: $55.00  More Information
24" Section - 6TGG24 Generic Price: $88.00  More Information
36" Section - 6TGG36 Generic Price: $115.00  More Information
Attic Insulation Shield (not required) Generic Price: $58.00  More Information
Ceiling Support - 6TGCSP Generic Price: $75.00  More Information
Elbows (15 Degree): per pair - 6TGGA15 Generic Price: $160.00  More Information
Elbows (30 Degree): per pair - 6TGGA30 Generic Price: $200.00  More Information
Flashing - 6TGF 7/12-12/12 pitch Generic Price: $75.00  More Information
Flashing Flat Roof - 6TGFT Generic Price: $60.00  More Information
Open Beam Roof Support Box w/ Trim 36" Generic Price: $135.00  More Information
Open Beam Roof Support w/ Trim 11" Generic Price: $110.00  More Information
Open Beam Wood Support Box w/ Trim 24" Generic Price: $123.00  More Information
Storm Collar - 6TGSC Generic Price: $12.00  More Information
Tee w/ Cap - 9467GA Generic Price: $145.00  More Information
Termination Cap - 6TGC Generic Price: $65.00  More Information
Wall Thimble - 9443 Generic Price: $57.00  More Information