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EXTREMELY WEATHER RESISTANT: Sun, rain, snow and ice
will not affect any part of the table. (Naturally it is better to cover the table when not in use to keep it clean and prolong the life).

LOW MAINTENANCE: An occasional coat of wax on the fiber glass fascias will enhance the appearance and prolong the luster.
The playing surface can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water.

HIGH DURABILITY: A fiberglass PULTRUSION material with a special UV additive is used for the construction of the chassis
 and the fascias. The legs are rotationally molded with UV thermoset polyethylene and then filled with high density, (20 lb)
cast in place, resin foam. Electrostatic powder coated stainless steel and die cast aluminum parts are used for the corners of the table.

EASY TO SET UP: Simply attach the two legs to the chassis (3 bolts per leg) and roll the table over into the upright position.
Threaded feet are used on the legs to allow for ease of "fine tune" leveling. It only requires 15 to 20 minutes and you're ready to play.

1) We use a marine grade (Hi-UV Olefin ;Polypropylene) fabric which is highly resistant to weather extremes, tears, fading,
mildew and rot.
2) Our table plays the same as a regular table. Professional pool players have used our table and report that they can make
the same type of shots with similar english and ball movement as found on a felt covered table.
3) Size 3 1/2' X 7' (Bar Room Size) is in compliance with the World Billiard Congress of America standards.

CHASSIS & BED: (The part of the table that the fabric covers)
1) 5/8" high-impact, high-density, fiber cement substrate that will not warp, buckle, or twist. It is the same material that is
 commonly used for exterior building applications.
2) The chassis is constructed of seven fiberglass PULTRUSION cross members adhesively welded to two fiberglass side rails.
 This gives the table proper support, stability and uniform strength.
3) The fiber cement substrate is secured to the chassis with 18" stainless steel bolts and a special waterproof polygrip adhesive.

1) We use Dupont Neoprene profile molded rubber that is bonded to hardwood supports and then thru-bolted to the chassis.
 Dark Green
2) Our rails are designed in such a way to eliminate, or certainly minimize, the tendency of the balls to fly off the table

Coin op available: Add $500.00

Durable & Weather Resistant

The Weather Pro™ outdoor pool table is specifically manufactured to withstand outdoor elements in any climate. Rain, ice, sun and humidity will not affect this table. It will perform under a covered patio or out in the open.

Our All Weather Pool Table Playing Surface
(Superior Green Fabric)

We use a marine grade (Hi-UV Olefin Polypropylene) synthetic fabric on our outdoor pool tables which is highly resistant to weather extremes, tears, fading, mildew and rot. Our felt plays closer to the speed and action of an indoor table than Sunbrella™. The size of the playing surface is 40 1/2” Wide x 81” Long. Bed (Playing Surface) It is a one piece 5/8” thick, high-impact, high-density, fiber cement substate that will not warp, buckle, or swell.

Our Outdoor Pool Table Frame

The frame and body of the table is a single molded unit of 100° High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) which includes a UV stabilizer. There is no maintenance or assembly required.

Outdoor Pool Table Rails

We use Dupont Nitrile profile molded rubber. That is absolutely the most durable billiard rail on the market. Other outdoor pool table manufacturers use the standard indoor (K-66) rubber rail which will deteriorate when it comes in contact with moisture and UV rays.

 Outdoor Pool Tables by The Weather Pro


Outdoor Pool Tables

7' Supertable Outdoor Pool Table
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